Problem with airtable sync tonight with one noloco application

For the last 18h there was a problem synching 2 bases from airtable for the application demo-crm-project. I checked airtable - there everything is working as expected as far as I can see. Also I reconnected the airtable base but the result stays the same. When manually triggering a sync I get the following message:

It looks like you haven’t given Noloco access to all of the bases in your App

You should go through the re-connect flow again but give it access to all bases

I did not change anything the last days for this app and now the sync worked for one table but still fails for another in the same airtable base:

→ sync now worked for: “Applicants” but still fails for “Positions”

Both are inside the base with “create” permission level.

I now reconnected the airtable base which says permission level “none” within the noloco integrations menu. But the result stays the same: still displaying permission level “none”.

You have now just flipped them, you must choose both bases when you go through the reconnection flow.

It’s best to choose “All and future bases” though.
This doesn’t automatically import all of your bases to Noloco, it just gives us access to see them, if you ever want to sync with them

Honestly, normally this should work without choosing all bases… I now reluctantly did that and it shows all bases. The problem persists though.

This isn’t something we can control unfortunately, its related to how Airtable have implemented their Oauth integration.

You don’t have to allow permission to all bases, but it prevents this issue

I have queued a data sync on both of your sources, which should shortly resolve the syncing problems

OK, thank you. I will let you know in case the problem persists.