Resized Details Objects not aligned with tabs/default width

Hi there,

Viewing in desktop browser, using a tabbed view (in a base object), when i resize two details ‘objects’ to say 25/50%, they align next to each other - that’s great as a space saver. However, they are not aligned with other ‘objects’ that are set to a default width. I can ‘fix’ this by changing the width of all other objects to 100%, but then all are not aligned with the tabs at the top.

Here is a screenshot with some scrawl to illustrate:

Not a deal breaker but it looks a bit weird.

Thanks for the feedback @cizict

We’re hoping to give users more options on this front in the near future.

We recommend setting all components to full-width if you want to use this method, that is what most customers are doing.

But in the future we’re going to give you better options over what width the header should be.

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