Revamped Mobile Experience

We’re excited to announce a series of improvements to Noloco’s mobile experience. Our team has been hard at work refining the platform’s usability and design to ensure a seamless experience across devices. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new in our first batch of usability improvements:‍Improved Spacing for Enhanced VisibilityWe’ve optimized the spacing on mobile devices to maximize the amount of visible content. This improvement ensures you can access and interact with your data more efficiently, even on smaller screens.‍Filter Sidebar for Quick AccessTo declutter the interface and provide quick access to filters, we’ve introduced a filter sidebar. You can now tap the filter button to open the sidebar, making it easier to locate and apply filters without obstructing the main content.‍Action Buttons in a Dropdown MenuTo further streamline the mobile experience, we’ve moved action buttons to a dropdown menu. This change prevents the interface from feeling cluttered and allows you to focus on the essential data while still having access to key actions.You can see the big difference in the before and after below.