Set “navigate to” for comment notification clicks

Feature Request: Set “navigate to” for comment notification clicks

The problem I’ve faced a bunch with the comments notification hub is that, upon click, there’s no control (other than page permissions) as to which view you’ll land on for the record related to the notification you just clicked on.

This isn’t a problem if you only have one view/page of a particular table, but we all know that’s often not the case :sweat_smile:

So being able to configure which view you want the user to land on when they click a comment notification (provided they have access to it, of course) would be very very helpful.

Currently for one of my apps users will land on the “wrong” (or unideal) page, or can’t access a page at all.

I envision the configuration functioning similar to the “navigate to” option for action buttons. This could take one of two forms:

  1. For the comments hub, you configure the page/view to land them on, but it always takes you to the original comment record. In that sense, the configuration is “static.”
  2. For the comments hub, you would configure which page/view AND record ID to land them on, and you can use the original comment record’s ID or even IDs from related records. I could see that being incredibly useful. In that sense, the configuration is “dynamic.”

We’re still tracking this from the last time you asked about it, and we have a potential solution in mind that will bring the user to the first available (to them) page (kinda like the rest of our dynamic page routing)

Appreciate the update! Sorry for the redundancy, I just wanted to make sure I put this in as a formal request since I think we talked about it through the support chat :sweat_smile:

I’m curious… with that potential solution, I could foresee a lot of possible frustration with a “first available” approach, as that would make page order the controlling factor for where they are routed (unless “first available” doesn’t refer to page order in the nav bar?). Ideally, choosing the view would be more helpful since it’s rigid.

Hey @buildwithjoel
Quick update, we’ve changed how Comment notifications are linked.

They now go to a generic page that will redirect the user to the first page, that they can access, that has comments enabled or has a comments section added to one of the tabs.

It should make developing different areas of the app for different roles much easier!

It also has the added benefit that if your page URLs change, your comment notifications will still work

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Darragh, thank you very much for the update! This is a welcome change, no more broken notification clicks :slight_smile:

Much appreciated.