Set record button dates

Hi, this is a recurring problem for me over many tables and I’m yet to find a way to resolve it. We have a single click record button that updates 60 records, which is a date field. Usually the date would be the end of the month but depending when the end of the month is it may be 2/3 days later.

So, when we ran it today it inserted 2nd June as the completed date, it should have been 31st May but our options are limited with the whats available as the screenshot. We can only set Today, This Week, This Month or This Year, none of which really work for us.

Ideally we would have a modal which allows the user to select the date, but that’s not possible on bulk update (is it?). Anyone have any ideas how I could make this work?

What you need are bulk edits, which are possible if you enable in-line editing and bulk actions at the same time

Would that work for you?

Hi @darragh this is a bulk edit I was referring to it. I cant use a modal window on bulk to select the date. In-line editing is enabled for the 2 fields that need updating.

If I create a record button (one click) to update the record and enable bulk it works, but I have to set a date restricted to the options available.

If I create the same button and choose modal, the button doesn’t appear above the table on bulk, it appears on record level, I’m assuming that would then only update the record its hovering on rather than the 60 selected records.

Actually, it sounds like you’re still referring to a bulk action, which allows you to change the date of multiple records in one go

You can inline-edit in bulk like this


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Thanks @darragh, that’s great, I didn’t know about that option. It will certainly help on some tables, others with multiple fields to update may be a small issue but I’ll find a way around it.

Thank you