Speed up form submission

Our form submission takes 20-30 seconds on average, rarely less than 20 seconds, even if its just updating 1 or 2 fields. Is there any way to speed these up? At first I thought it was because of attachment uploads, but it seems to be consistent with just 1 or 2 simple field updates.

Hey @onlymatt would you be able to share the form (or one of the forms) that is taking this long with us so we can see if there is something simple we can do

This one is used the most (by about 10 people 2+ times per weekday) almost always on mobile and everyone reports it as slow regardless of connection:

This one I’ve personally used a lot recently from desktop with a high speed connection and it seems to have a 20 second minimum regardless of attachments: https://app.mintconstruction.com/assets/tools/new?_parentPage

On this page I have a button to update 2 fields on the record via modal and it still takes at least 20 seconds: https://app.mintconstruction.com/assets/tools