Mobile scrolling issue on form

We’re often experiencing scroll or window size issues on mobile, in particular with forms and comments. This particular issue seems to happen reliably with forms. After editing some of the fields of the form it becomes difficult to scroll down to the submit/save button (the save button is stuck out of view). Usually with a combination of pinching the screen or scrolling up and down a bit we can work it loose but it’s definitely a pain point for the users. One of my users was able to take video of the screen if it helps but I can’t upload the video here.

Thanks as always for the feedback @onlymatt

If you could email the video to our support that would be really helpful, and we can look into it for you.

Thanks, I sent 2. One was my user from yesterday, the longer one from myself this morning. They are from different forms but its fairly reliable to recreate this issue.

We are suddenly experiencing the same issue since some days.

Basically the save button is hidden behind the adress field (on the bottom) in Mobile.

I have now added this custom css snippet: {
padding-bottom: 8rem;

It’s giving the Form Container some padding on the bottom. Now the save button is comfortably visible again. It might cause issues somewhere else tho, i have not tested it too thoroughly. But at least users can submit Forms again for now :slight_smile:

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Thanks both for reporting this. We are working on resolving this early this week.

Thanks also to @onlymatt for the video which allowed us to recreate the issue