Structured Field Types

Say goodbye to splitting out your contacts’ names into multiple fields or writing out addresses in one line and hello to more structured data with our all-new field types!

Let’s dive right in:

:one: Address Field :house:
Why it’s Awesome: Go beyond basic text inputs for addresses. Capture complete and structured location data effortlessly.‍
Example Use Case: Imagine building a real estate app. Instead of typing out addresses as plain text, you can now input addresses as structured data. Users can search, filter, and map properties with ease

:two: Coordinates Field::globe_with_meridians:
Why it’s Awesome: Precision matters! Store latitude and longitude coordinates accurately for mapping and geolocation.‍
Example Use Case: Creating a delivery tracking app? With coordinates, you can precisely track and display the route of a delivery in real-time.‍

:three: Date Range Field:
:date: Why it’s Awesome: No more struggling with multiple date fields. Manage start and end dates seamlessly.‍
Example Use Case: For project management tools, scheduling events, or booking systems, the date range field streamlines the process. Easily set up events with precise time frames.‍

:four: Full Name Field::bust_in_silhouette:
Why it’s Awesome: Say hello to organized contact data. Store first names and last names separately.‍
Example Use Case: In CRM systems, marketing automation, or any app where you handle customer data, this field ensures you can personalize messages effectively

:five: Phone Number Field::telephone_receiver:
Why it’s Awesome: Simplify communication by storing phone numbers in a standardized format.‍
Example Use Case: Building a recruitment app? With phone number fields, you can validate, format, and easily initiate calls or texts from within your application.‍ With Noloco’s new structured fields, you’re not just dealing with primitive types anymore. You’re elevating your app’s functionality, enhancing user experiences, and reducing data-entry errors.‍