Sub-Folders Under Folders in the Menu

Would love to be able to add a subfolder underneath folders in the menu.

My use-case:
As a workaround until @buildwithjoel’s feature request for more robust user-customizable views is implemented, I often create a ‘Reporting’ Folder in the menu then add custom pages below with the relative collections in table views and filters to give certain user roles the ability to export.

It would be nice to further segregate these folders into sub-folders (such as by department).

My Example:

*Custom Report 1
*Custom Report 2
*Custom Report 3
*Custom Report 1
*Custom Report 2
*Custom Report 3
*Custom Report 1
*Custom Report 2
*Custom Report 3


Yup, ditto on this! And a subfolder should trigger a new /segment in the slug


Yes! This is a much needed feature.


Yes - an enthusiastic up vote from me too.

Thank you Noloco team for knocking this one out!! I noticed the functionality was added last week! Woot Woot! :smiley: @darragh

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Are you saying this is a sub-folder feature. If so not seeing it.

I created a link to external page and then was able to drag and drop it into the folder :slight_smile: