Submit form – go 'back' as option

Often I run through this pattern:

  • Section of a page needs a list of records a user can add to
  • Need to create a collection page (that no user will ever access) so that I can add a form for previous page.
  • On save – “Go back to previous page”.

At the moment if the page I want them to go to was a tab in a previous page I can’t choose that from the ‘Page’ list, so I have to manually set a URL which acts slightly differently.

Go back to previous page is more natural.

Sidenote: even better than this whole flow would be to open the form as a modal instead of navigating anywhere.

Where is the “previous page” in this example?

If it’s a record page, we will automatically bring them back there actually, regardless of your “On Save” settings

It’s a tab on a static page

And you’re using an action button to navigate to the Form?