Supabase: PGBouncer and IPv4 Deprecation

Hey guys,

Supabase recently announced their PGBouncer and IPv4 Deprecation. Does this have any effect on connected postgres (via Supabase) DBs in Noloco?


Great question @Roku - I would have to check with the team.

That said, from the Github discussion you linked, the better solution seems to be moving over to a supervisor connectoin string, which just pools on their end which should help them scale better.

I would suggest trying that, as it sounds like that will be their preferred approach going forward.

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Thanks @darragh. In conversation with them now so will post here on how things go!

Not sure if anyone else had problems with their Supabase connection recently with the pooling changes but my connection seems to have disconnected. I got in touch with Supabase and they said everything should work fine with the recent pooling changes if you modify the connection parameters (host name, new user role format etc) to the updated one, but no luck on my end.

@darragh Would you be able to check the error logs on my account to see if you have any more information on whatโ€™s going on? I can send you my details through Slack if you need them. Not sure if your backend has much more information on this error but I can relay this to Supabase if you have additional details.