[ACTION BUTTONS] > [ACTIONS] > Navigate to - add option for TAB

Would be great to be able to specify a specific ‘tab’ in the navigation area for buttons… currently doing a URL navigation for those, but if i change a folder name or anything like that it breaks the dynamic links

Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 11.06.33 AM

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@seanvosler - I think @darragh answered this for me earlier this week as below.

This will work, and fast, if you remove the domain name from the URL.

So if you have https://myapp.noloco.io/my-page/my-tab

Just use /my-page/my-tab

Make sure it starts with / and we will navigate internally, without reloading the page

Example -
So in my case the page was activity and the tab name was completed-business


OH SNAP THAT’S A DOPE TIP! much faster linking.

Doesn’t entirely fix the potential link breakage that comes with renaming pages/folders/tabs which would be the goal with adding tab option

Many times I’ve built out a UI/UX flow that I’ve had to modify later and it breaks all the hard links hah