Text Comparison

I am trying to calculate a numeric field from a single-value select box (Standard). My formula looks like this:

IF(Standard = “Better”, 4, 0)

This formula always gives the value of 0, regardless of what I set as the value of Standard.

I’m wondering if I need to do something different because “Standard” is a single-value select box field instead of a text field.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

John (new trial user)

FYI - I set up a regular text field, and that formula worked just fine. So, this is an oddity with how single-value select box fields are evaluated. Interested if anyone has found a way to make it work.

Great question@jlaplante !

When comparing Single / Multi option fields in formula you need to use the internal names actually.

The general structure is UPPER_SNAKE_CASE

So it would be BETTER instead of Better

We do plan to make this more intuitive in the future

LOL, Darragh. I just came back here to post that. I created a calculated field to see what the text actually was from the option field, and it showed the upper snake case.

But thank you for your quick response.