Two Factor Authentication

Minor request, but I use Authy for 2FA and upon setting that up as part of my security preferences, Authy defaults Noloco to a generic icon. Would be nice to have the real Noloco icon populate automatically, but like I said, this is mostly cosmetic.

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@fullnelson this is an interesting suggestion, do you know how you end up controlling that?

Well you can manually assign/add a custom logo to any Authy token (which I’ve done) but I guess this would be a question for the Authy developer support channel to figure how to make sure one’s app logo is automatically supported. You might want to consider having a separate icon for the Community Support login vs regular Noloco 2FA logins.

I’m also trying to figure out how to just configure and use Passky login support instead of username/password, but it was not immediately clear to me so maybe post some tips on how to make that happen. I use 1Password as my password and passkeys manager so hopefully can get that working as needed.