Workflow - New Record Created Trigger

I created a very simple workflow where the trigger in a new record created in one table (Quotes). It then checks the status on the related record (Quote Requests) make sure it has not been previously quoted, if not it will update the status of the Quote Request to “Quoted”.

This works fine when a quote is created using the regular Noloco form.

If a quote is created externally on the Airtable base and synced to Noloco the trigger is never initiated, so the workflow doesn’t run.

I’m looking for an understanding rather than a solution. Does the New Record trigger only work for direct updates on Noloco?


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Good question @BillHoare - yes. Noloco Workflows only run when changes are made in Noloco or via our Make or Zapier integration, or via the API.

It’s something we may support in the future, now that we have live-syncing with Airtable, but it’s not something we support right now

@darragh Thanks for the quick response. It helps in evaluating the different options.