Workflows and GPT

I am using the your workflow feature (Send a question/instruction to ChatGPT). I am able to map the field and the instruction but I don’t see the way to retrieve the prompt result into another field.

Any video tutorial or guidance is highly appreciated.

In your Update a Record stage, you should be able to choose the Step 1 > Response in any text field

Like this:

Thanks Darragh!
I was able to find the response option but still I am getting ther error. Can you please look at this video ?Watch - Screencastify

Thanks @Thinkerland

This is quite comment when first setting up a Workflow that uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Have you confirmed that you added a payment method, or credits to your OpenAI account?

This help article explains how you can check that and troubleshoot the error you’re getting:

It is working now. (intermittently)

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