Rollups Not Calculating

Is there some sort of delay for rollups calculating? I’m building a multi-tiered survey system where each level of the hierarchy is based on a calculation from lower levels. But I’m not seeing my rollups calculate. Is there something I’m missing?

Thanks for flagging this @sdc

Our Engineering team have identified the issue and resolved it for you.

Your rollups should calculate immediately on changing now.

I experience a significant lag in roll up calculations in noloco. The values (when entered into noloco) populate and rollup correct in airtable immediately but take a range of time to be reflected in noloco.

Hi @onlymatt Rollups in Airtable will behave/sync differently than Noloco rollup fields.

Contact our support if you’re interested in trying out live-sync beta which should speed up how those rollup values sync to Noloco