Airtable User table broke after user sync

Hi, I noticed that the users in my Airtable users table weren’t the same as in my Noloco user list so I ran the user sync again and seem to have broken the connection to my Airtable users table.

Blurred out sensitive data but can send a loom with more details over dm if needed. Thanks in advance!

Hi @marisa - I’ve corrected the underlying issue for you, and your Users table is correctly loading again.

Sorry about that.

Thanks @darragh! I have a user in the Noloco list that’s not in the Airtable table, should I just add them manually?

In general, which place (Noloco list or Airtable) should I add users and how should I re-run the user sync?

Great question, you should add them in the Airtable table, User lists only sync from Airtable → Noloco, not vice-versa (because you can have multiple User lists)

If you add the User to Airtable now, it will link to the Noloco User record

Marisa: I like to create an Admin panel in NL where the Admin (or whoever is responsible for adding users) can add users right from the NL interface, rather than having to go to AT. :smiley:

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That makes sense, thanks @darragh!

Thanks @Brandi_Bullock , that’s a great idea!