Anchor action buttons in current user record

Feature Request: Anchor action buttons in current user record

  • Right now, Noloco’s Update action within action buttons cannot use the current user’s record universally (in other words, at all times, no matter where the action button lives).
  • See the screenshot below. The options under “Update what record?” do not include the current user. As a workaround, I would need a linked field going from that record to the users table, but then I would also need to link every user to that record (not happening).
  • I see this as really valuable because, from any page, you would be enabled to update the current user’s data. My particular use case was a “Language” button where the current user can select their language preference, and it is written back to the user table. I managed a workaround through the “Create a record” action, and some automation.
  • However, that workaround is really not ideal, is a waste of extra records, a waste of workflow runs, and necessitates another table to capture these changes.
  • Would love to be able to update the current user’s record from any action button anywhere in the app!

Is there any particular reason why you’d want to update the user’s information outside of their “my profile” page?

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@EthosLuke In my use-case described above, I need to change the current user’s language preference (which is an attribute of the user table). So there should be a way, within context (meaning within the desired page, in this case a Documents page), to be able to update that data.

Otherwise the user has to go to my profile page, click the button, change their preference, go back to the proper page (Projects in this case), click through the appropriate project record, find the document record, click through that, and then they’re good to go.

Way too many clicks, and a frustrating process for end-users.

This is just one use-case, but I imagine there are tons of reasons you might want to be able to edit the current user’s data from anywhere in the app (via action buttons).

Right gotcha, I think I’m understanding the requirement more, so I’m assuming in this case you have documents available in various languages and these are filtered to only show the documents in the user’s preferred language? And you have some multi-lingual users who may wish to view documents in different languages?

Have you considered using filter fields with a default to the user’s preferred language which they can then change the filter there on the desired page? This might be a more elegant solution until if/when Darragh and team implement your suggestion.

Unfortunately that does not suffice for our use-case as we are also changing the language within UI components, not just the records that are displayed.

For example, a detail block’s title might say “Document Details” but, upon the current user’s language preference changing to Spanish for example, that block is hidden and instead the Spanish block is displayed: Detalles del Documento.

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Aha! I think I’ve read somewhere that the team are planning on adding localization support in the future, I think your suggestion (enabling ability to change language from any page) alongside native localization could be very powerful.

THAT would be awesome!

Keeping this request as it stands though, since it is action-button oriented and could have various use-cases beyond translation. But I really hope what you mentioned ships soon - so valuable!