Chart axis lables changed

Hi, I’ve noticed today that the charts are now showing labels vertically, is there any way to go back to the previous style of 45 degree, seems hard to read for me.

New Style

Old Style (how Id like them to be)

Hi @garyGHL - well spotted, but this was the only solution we had to the countless complaints we received about labels being too small.

I too prefer the 30 degrees text, which is why i kept it for dates (which have a predictable label length)

But in the first example you shared, with our previous style, the longest label would have been absolutely tiny - I’m pretty sure you expressed as much before.

Keeping them rotated means we would need to also reduce the width of the chart to accommodate labels that overflow on the left… which seemed like too much.

Thanks for understanding

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Ahh ok, yes the 30 degree for us was much better too, got everyone now saying to me put it back :smiling_face:

Can’t please everyone I suppose, or in my company anyone :frowning:

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