Problem with X-axis description in diagrams

Hi there, the problem I am facing is that the text of the x-axis is so small that it is not possible to read it. Is there any possibility to set the font size? This also happened to me with bar charts


Hey there, I wondered if there was a status update available for this problem. I have another example for bar charts where the chart is on 100% in the settings and the text partially really difficult to read:

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Hi @JCW - the only real solution is to make the text in the labels shorter

Otherwise we would need to make the bars in the chart very small

I understand. The issue is the text is not very long and even the shorter text is hard to read in both charts. In order to be able to really use the charts and be competitive with dashboards of other solutions it would be important to have better label readability via larger characters and eventually also by having some more options on the positioning of the labels… Having them horizontally and a bigger font size could already help for the bar charts. I know this might not be as easy as it sounds but the way they are currently setup the charts are really only usable for very simple use cases from my perspective.

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