Data and App Pages Disappeared!

Hey all,

Experiencing a data issue integrating SmartSuite… First time using SmartSuite<>Noloco. I configured several Noloco pages based on integrated SmartSuite Data and needed to hit “Schema Sync” and “Data Sync” to get new things to show up. After the last “Schema Sync” none of my data is visible when I click on it and all the pages I configured also are showing up as the image below.

The data is still there when I go into Data in Noloco. But I even made changes to the My Profile page which is a Noloco User collection to start, and those changes are no longer visible. There’s not a way to revert back to previous versions right?

I’d love to not have to delete my SS app and start all over if there’s any other chance the pages I built still exist? Thanks!!

Followed up in Slack Community :white_check_mark: