Duplicate a Record Action

I have a use case where I’m trying to replicate a spreadsheet style approach to adding new records.

I essentially accomplish what I need by using the ‘Create a New Record’ action as a 1-click with the parent record id and any other needed details hidden, but it would be great if ‘duplicate a record’ were an option in the button action dropdown menu:


We see this use case quite frequently!


I do this with an action button. Just create a new record and fill it with the same info from the source record.

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Yep! This is my current workaround, but hoping it can just be a default action to avoid the extra configuration. :smiley:


I also use action buttons as a workaroudn for this. Problem is although what you cannot achieve with action buttons: to copy over a file to the new record. Our usecase here is when using an existing records (i.e. a job description) as templates which have a job description pdf attached.

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Duplicate a Record button would be great for a few reasons:

(1) The workaround requires one to choose the specific fields values to be copied when setting up the action button. Each collection has different fields, linked values, etc., so this button would need to be created for each collection each time a new collection is created.

(2) For real estate and mortgage use cases, one often wants to duplicate an entire record and then manually update the values for a few fields in the new record, such as property facts on a loan application or property management portfolio (e.g., a single buyer submits offer on a large group of properties or a single applicant applies for for financing to purchase 50 properties at one time).


Id like too see this too, and maybe an inline insert would be nice where you can select a + icon and a new blank row is added.


I use action buttons as well. But when the record you are duplicating has 40+ fields, the setup and maintenance of that button becomes time consuming.

I don’t know if the Airtable API for example allows for the triggering of the Airtable native record duplication function?