Hover over chart to show data makeup

Hi everyone, I’m new to Noloco and I’m wondering if it’s possible to hover over a section of a chart and show the data points that make up that section of the chart?

Eg. I have a doughnut chart showing the total of “Implemented” vs. “Not Implemented” standards and the client wants to hover over the “Implemented” section and have it preview which standards have been implemented.

Thanks! Megan

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Hi @Megan_Pietra

Great question, when you hove over a donut chart it shows the breakdown alright, is this what your client is looking for?


If not, maybe you should share an example of what they have in mind.
It’s probably more suited to feature-request

Thanks for the insight Darragh! I don’t have a visual for what it would look like but it would be something like a list preview box showing:

Inactive Record 1
Inactive Record 2
Inactive Record 3
And so on for all records in that section of the doughnut.

Or maybe a detail page that opens up to show which records are being collected to show that data sum.

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