On-hover tooltips in forms

Feature Request: On-hover tooltips in forms

  • Currently, Noloco forms allows help text for any field, and help text for any single or multi-select value within a field.
  • That is super, super helpful. However, it can lead to a messy form when your help text is extensive. In one form I’m building, you select different legal statements that are true of an entity, and each option you can select from includes lengthy help text.
  • It’s necessary in this use-case to display all the language to the user, but it would be amazing if this could be hidden by default, and could display upon-hover instead, so that the form’s help text isn’t fully expanded/messy by default.

Summary of changes/additions…

  1. Ability to hide OR show a field’s help text BY DEFAULT.
  2. When field help text is hidden, ability to reveal help text upon hover.
  3. When field help text is hidden, display an informational “i” icon, so the user has a visual queue that more information can be displayed upon hover.
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