In-Line edits not saved dialog

Currently if you inline edit a field in a table, but don’t hit the check mark, it won’t change the field. That makes sense.

In contrast, if you in-line edit a field in a detail block, you DON’T even get presented with the checkmark/X, so naturally, if you focus click away from the field, it updates the field.

Having both behaviors is confusing for our clients. We find that having inline editing on a table is GREAT, because it offers a similar experience to a spreadsheet, EXCEPT, for the checkmark…

Would it be possible to:

  1. Make it optional to “confirm” changes for a field
  2. Eliminate the confirm changes all together
  3. or “count” all of the “changes needing to be confirmed” in a table, and push those through all at once. For example, you set the start time and edit time field, but simply tab from one to the next, and don’t hit the checkmark. It would keep your new value, but prompt you if you wanted to save those values, if you clicked away from that page.
  4. List item
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