Inline edit field for collections, grids, etc is buggy

The pop out box for inline editing within a collection, rows or grids (its probably on other views/modules as well but these are the ones I use) is quite buggy. It often closes itself while typing and is, in general, not user friendly compared to the direct inline editing that’s in a details section. I’m sure there are applications where this is necessary such as when the text box area exceeds the field size on the page. Ideally it would be set up similar to airtable where you have the option to expand to a pop out box.
Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 1.20.50 PM
But, at the very least, could we get this more reliable. I’m using inline editing a lot and often have to click into the pop up box several times before I can update my info accurately.–swsYyBTvgW_Nyj1eA6lv5dL-PDu1R/view?usp=sharing

Here’s a video of the edit modal closing itself while I’m typing, this is pretty common.