Information entered in noloco not saving or partially saving

My team and I are having regular issues with information not saving reliably. I’ve begun logging the errors to see what they have in common but I’m still collecting data. My most recent example is I typed into an inline editable text field within a record and then used the backlink to exit the record. Only half of my typed text was saved. I typed “allowance, 2 at $185/ea” and only “allowance,” was saved. When I check the airtable revision history I see that the whole text string was logged but then noloco deleted the missing part?

Is this an issue for others, what’s the best way to try to solve this? It seems to be intermittent and happens less often if I move slower within noloco, although I wouldn’t say I’m moving fast as it is.

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Hey @onlymatt thanks for sharing the activity log. We believe this is down to Airtable rate-limiting.

Can you share the exact timestamps those updates were made so we can double-check that?

We have seen one or two similar cases, usually very difficult to reproduce, so if you can help us here it would be great.

It happened at 9:41 am EST. I’m not sure how to get any more detailed timestamps other than what I shared from airtable.

We seem to be able to reproduce it with some consistency by updating an inline edit field and then directly clicking the back link (if you don’t click outside of the relevant field before clicking the link). That isn’t always the issue but it does seem to be reproducible that way.

Thank you, this should be enough for us to verify. Thanks for also including the timezone

Same issue just happened at 1:48 pm EST.

I typed this as a continuous sentence but the 2nd half got lopped off. Let me know if you need record URL.

This is happening intermittently for one project I’m working on. Thanks Darragh for helping us track it down!

Hi @onlymatt and @Brandi_Bullock

I appreciate the help you’ve both given us on this.
We believe we have released a solution to this, you will need to reload the browser tab / app to make sure it’s available to you.

This should prevent the updates sent to Airtable coming in in the incorrect order, which is the source of the issue.

If you’re still seeing a similar issue after this please let us know.

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