Launch Week Day 2 🚀 Data Table 2.0

It’s Day 2 of the Noloco Launch Week. Each day this week we are announcing some major new features available in Noloco.

Today’s theme: Data Table 2.0

What are Data Tables?

In the Data tab, Data Tables allow you to view, manage, and manipulate your app data in a spreadsheet-like table. This powerful feature is essential for organizing, viewing, and editing data directly within your web apps, providing a foundation for efficient data management.


What’s New?

Performance Boost
Our redesigned Data Tables are built for speed, effortlessly handling thousands of rows and hundreds of columns. The days of slow, clunky data tables are behind us.

As simple as a spreadsheet:
We’ve reimagined our data tables to provide the familiarity and ease of a spreadsheet, including intuitive interactions such as clicking to edit a field or dragging to duplicate values.

Create and Update with ease
Our new design simplifies data editing, allowing you to quickly edit, duplicate, and manage data with simple clicks and drags. It’s all about making your workflow more efficient.

Native Copy and Paste:
Our improved copy and paste functionality enhances your productivity, enabling seamless data transfers between spreadsheets or the input of multiple values at once, just as you would expect.


Integrations, simplified

With these exciting updates, you can now enjoy a spreadsheet-like UI for not only Noloco tables but also your external data sources. This means you can effortlessly update your MySQL, Postgres or Airtable data directly within Noloco, streamlining your workflow and ensuring a unified experience across all your data management tasks.


You mention that

Not Google Sheets :pensive: and/or notion?

@idr :wave: The data table supports updating all of the data sources we support, which includes Google Sheets. We don’t currently support a direct integration with Notion though

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