Multi-language portals

It’s a farely early flag for us here, but the topic is coming and unavoidable for us.

As our company’s organic growth happens wherever it sees fit :smile: globally, we are looking at a future user base that need more than just one language.

Creating multiple identical portals in different languages is obviously out of the question :upside_down_face:

I wanted to mention it early enough, as we will eventually need to follow that need to whichever app will allow us to do that.

Webflow has done a pretty good and practical job at how they implemented this subject. Perhaps, if this is even of interest for Noloco, this could serve as a rough template of how multi-language could be implemented in Noloco as well.

Early food for thought.

We do plan on adding localization support to Noloco in the near future!

However, some of our community have written and maintained custom code for translating certain parts of the app to different languages, that could be extended to support multiple languages by looking at the browser language.

ChatGPT could probably fill in a large amount of this too if you wanted.

Here’s the guide to setting it up:

I will reiterate though, we plan on adding native localization in the near future.

Thank you for the info @darragh. That’s great to hear. If you need any alpha testers or input on this, just let me know.

As for the current workaround:

At this stage we do not trust any AI tools (especially OpenAI, Google, Microsoft) out there with our data. It is far to unclear what happens with our data, once the Kraken ingests our data.

For what it’s worth, it’s not really your data, it would just be the language keys of the Noloco app, which are mostly things like “Cancel” or “Done”

But you can do it manually too

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@darragh Thank you for clarifying