Multiple Tabs-Elements within a Page

It would be awesome to have a Tabs Element that you can freely use on the Page (Ideally even nest them but not that critical).

This way you would be able to build much denser and multifunctional Interfaces. Currently there are only Page Tabs but from there you have to rely on columns or just very long pages if you want to have multiple Views etc in one Tab.

One big usecase would be different Views/Filters of the same Collection.
I have my Sections “Tasks” and within that section I can have Tabs for List, Calender, Board or New Tasks, Overdue Tasks, Finished Tasks etc.

Currently, to archive this, you either need an individual page with Tabs for every collection or just the same Collection over and over with a different Layout/Filters.
Both current options bloat the app unnecessarily and spread out functionality a lot.


Totally second this +1