"Tabs" record element

It would seem very convenient to add an element of horizontal tabs to the record page. In the element settings add or remove tabs and inside each tab you could add any current elements from the record page. What does this give? Saving vertical space and quick accessibility for the user of all sections that are in the record. Suppose you need to add 5 or more related collections to a record page, and in each collection for this element there are 5 or more related records (rows). Thus, when a user enters a record, he does not immediately see all the information that is available on the page, but he must scroll to the bottom of the page, and 5x5 = 25 lines, which with spaces and the title will force him to scroll for quite a long time. Perhaps this thing is implemented in a different way and I didn’t find it, sorry

Hey @Aleks

We currently support native tabs on both Record pages and Blank pages, you can add tabs to your page from the sidebar, like so:

Excellent, thank you! By creating the same element Highlights for each tab and adding different ones for each tab, I will get the desired result! Noloco allows me to do fantastic things both in the external representation and at the level of users and connections between tables!

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