New Record for Collection Button: Not Filtering by Default

I have multiple pages on my app, and multiple collections within them. Normally, whenever I click on the “show new record button” a new form will open showing by default the parent record for the collection.

E.g. If my structure is Clients; Projects; Tasks, where each of them is related. If I am within Project Y, for Client X, whenever I create a new task from Project Y’s detail view, it will by default show Project Y under tasks’s field “Project”.

That works throughout my whole app, except for this one case. The only different thing I notice vs other “new record form/button for a given collection”, is that for this case I have two different forms created rather than only one. But it will not work for any of them. The “Project” field will be shown on the form, but it will allow for dropdown rather than setting the value by default.

If I create an Action Button on the other hand, I can: Create Record. What record? This record xxx collection. But I’d rather have it with the “show new record button” than the Action Button.

Any ideas?