Choose from any collection's record buttons

Feature Request: Ability to choose from any collection’s record buttons


  1. Let’s say collection A is a board view of the Tasks table.
  2. Then collection B is a calendar view of the Tasks table.
  3. This is a frequent scenario, where users create multiple collections (and therefore views) of the same data.
  4. Let’s say a record button is added to Collection A called “Edit” whereby users can edit the task’s details.
  5. While building out collection B (the calendar view), I want to add that same record button to the collection.
  6. I then find that I have to rebuild that Edit record button, since record buttons created in one collection are bound to that particular collection.


Again, the heart of what prompted this post is the following functionality:
→ Record buttons created in one collection are bound to that particular collection.

This can be worked around by just rebuilding whatever buttons you want in other collections. But this can be time consuming as most of us have built out quite complex record buttons before, and moreover, a duplicity of the same button necessitates ongoing updates that are also more time consuming.

Recommended Solution

  • My recommendation is in the screenshot below. I’d love to see another section below “RECORD BUTTONS” that says “RECORD BUTTONS FROM OTHER COLLECTIONS.”
  • This section would display all the action buttons currently used from every other collection built off that same table.
  • That way, users can activate or deactivate the exact same buttons across each collection they’ve made for a particular table.