Notification record links broken

I ran into an issue a few moments ago where record links resulting from a comment were leading to an undesired page. The original issue had to do with how noloco defaults to the highest collection in the sidebar. Many of my main collection pages are hidden in favor of me using blank pages with tabs to condense more information into a single page. The hidden pages can’t be reordered …and…my hidden page section is too long for me to drag the desired page up high enough to be unhidden. It seems that I would have to unhide, rearrange and rehide about a dozen pages to correct this, help!

Sidebar video

Hi @onlymatt , we’re going to look into the issue you’re having with too many hidden pages, but in the meantime, you can unhide or hide any page from the right sidebar

That should let you re-order them!


For what it’s worth, we’re also aware of the general complication with opening comment notifications with visibility rules at play, and we have a more general solution in mind, but not an ETA just yet.

Thanks that helped. I forgot to mention what seems to be the main issue with the broken links: In the process of sorting through hidden pages I discovered the page they were linking to was an old page I didn’t need so I deleted it, but now the links just lead to the home page.

@onlymatt you’re referring to old notification links right?

We won’t be able to do anything about that, but our proposed/planned solution should also solve for this, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

I was referring to new links, they were broken for a bit yesterday but seem fine now, thanks!