Problem with Condition Group in Filter in specific constellation

Hey there maybe I am doing something wrong but the same filter settings in the options filter with a simple “AND” and “Condition group” show different results.

When I use a simple “AND” condition: single select field from participant matches single select from course everything is filtered the right way:

When I use exactly the same logic to start a condition group it does not filter anything any more:

Are there specific prerequisites to use the “Condition group” or is the logic behind “AND” and “Condition group” working differently? The most obvious difference is “record” vs “row values” but the row values seem to reference the same data. I need to use the condition group because I need to combine the operators “OR” and “AND” in a bit more complex filtering scenario.

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Hi @JCW - this does appear to be a bug in some situations.

We’ll get this looked at

Thanks as always for reporting it

Hi @jwitzmann - this should be working correctly again. Thanks as always for mentioning it.

Very sorry for any confusion it might have caused

Hello @darragh,

Thank you for the speedy fix! Unfortunately now I lost the filter functionality on record level and on row values level completely. Therefore now even with a simple “AND” operation I cannot filter the records any more as required.

Is this only temporarily until a final solution is found or a mistake?

Thank you,


I don’t believe my change would have made any changes there actually, can you provide a screenshot of the problem, or pass on a link to the page with the issue?

Yes, I had 4 options on the left before. I think the first one was “record level” and this first one is missing now in both cases “AND” and “Condition Group” :

You can see this on the screenshots above:
The possibility I had before to filter on “record” / “row values” is now missing. I hope that makes sense…

This will depend on where you are adding these conditions, could you send me the link to that page, and/or clarify what part of the app you’re adding these filters to.

It sounds like you’re right, but when I tested I was able to get the expected results:

@darragh Of course you are right… If I apply the filter on page level it will not show field options… :crazy_face: sorry for that. “Condition Groups” are working as expected now! I had a first look and will configure the advanced filter later… thank you!

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That makes more sense! Thanks for getting back to me

Condition Group work like a dream now! Ticket closed :wink:

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