Record Colors, Easily Link records in Imports and new User Workflows

Hey there, it’s Darragh from Noloco with some new updates to make your apps better than ever. This update includes new workflow actions, better ways to highlight rows and easier-than-ever imports. Let’s dive in!

Record Colors

Level-up your data visualization with Record Colors.
This update allows you to assign specific colors to records based on conditions, improving the visual organization and accessibility of your collections. Easily identify and categorize records at a glance, making your workflow more efficient and intuitive.

Available on the Pro, Business and Enterprise plan today.

For a detailed guide on how to use Record Colors, visit the Noloco Record Colors guide.

Easily Link Records in CSV Imports

We’ve improved our CSV import feature to simplify linking records. Now, you can import linked fields using values instead of IDs. For example, instead of using John’s user ID (for example, 1205), you can simply use his email address ( This applies to all tables, so you can import using the primary field value, instead of the ID number.

This makes the process more intuitive and user-friendly, speeding up your workflow and reducing errors.

Learn more about how this works in the Import Data Guide.

Workflows for onboarding and offboarding users in your app

We’ve added two powerful new actions to our Workflows feature:

  • Automatic Invitation Emails: You can now send invitation emails to users automatically through a workflow. This streamlines your user onboarding process, ensuring new users are automatically invited when you need them to be. Learn More.

  • User Deactivation: Simplify your user offboarding process by automatically deactivating user accounts through a workflow. Whether you’re managing ex-employees or old clients, this feature helps you maintain a clean and updated user list effortlessly. Learn More.

These new actions enhance your workflow automation, saving you time and reducing manual tasks. Start using them today to optimize your user management processes!

Other improvements

There’s a host of other updates that we need to mention too

That’s all for this update! As always, let us know what you think about the new features, and if you want to request a feature checkout our feature requests

Darragh & the Noloco Team


Hide collection is very nice, thank you :+1:

Love the record colouring, really useful. To enhance and be greedy, it would be really good to be able to highlite ‘highest’, ‘lowest’ or ‘average’ too :smiling_face:

So on a column of integers we could make the lowest red or the highest green etc.