When using action buttons based on conditions it can take some time before condictions are displayed / hidden using airtable

I guess this is not easy to resolve as conditions need to be checked first and the underlying data may need to be collected at different places. One of my thoughts was to have the option to only display action buttons as soon as all conditions were checked. This would mean that when adding an element or performing an action, action buttons with conditions would only show up again if their conditions were checked and validated.

At the moment it can happen that action buttons are still shown for a couple of seconds until their conditions were checked and during that time the user could perform some actions that he shouldn’t be entitled to.

I am not saying this is the best idea. Just trying to think of possibilities to make action button visibility conditions more effective…

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To mitigate the problem I created the formula in noloco to check the value of a field and display some text I would use in a highlight element. Unfortunately it seems that I can neither show the result of the noloco formula field in a highlight view field nor in a details view field.

Without this possibility at the moment it takes up to 2 minutes before a status changes in noloco after having it altered (information is written to noloco db, then goes to airtable, airtable formula reacts, information is fed back to noloco db and then displayed). @darragh Do you have a recommendation how to handle this (up to 1-2 minutes response time using airtable vs. no possibility to display noloco formula results in highlight view fields)?

This doesn’t seem right if I’m honest, you certainly should be able to show the field, I’d like to dive into this a bit more to be honest

OK, you are right, I found the problem.

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So it works as you said and I have direct comparison. The field updates nearly instantly. Strangely enough now also the airtable update was fast (only 1-2 seconds more than in noloco). I really had lags of 1-2 minutes last week. Are you aware of problems lately with the sync speed? I just wonder which way to go with the implementation as I need a reliable update time when changes are made. And it seems that using airtable depends on the current load or something similar and is therefore not reliable when it comes to quick sync speed.

Not complaining here but looking for an advice / comment to decide which implementation way to prefer.

Plan for this customer is currently “pro” wondered if the priorty sync of “business” would impact the lags I experienced the past week.

This is true, Airtable updates are processed as fast as humanly possible, but it can lag at times, particularly if you’ve recently changed the Airtable schema (tables and fields) as that will delay your sync until they have been updated.

For that reason, Noloco formulas/tables are always more instant.

Plan for this customer is currently “pro” wondered if the priorty sync of “business” would impact the lags I experienced the past week.

Priority / Standard sync doesn’t come into it with Airtable anymore since moving to live-sync actually