Workflow-Powered Notifications

We’ve added a brand new action to our automated workflows: the ability to send custom notifications to your app users.Triggered by a record’s creation, update, or deletion, or by on-demand workflow actions, these tailored alerts keep your users informed and engaged in real-time.With a simple set-up, you can add the new ‘Send Push Notification’ action to a new or existing workflow. Simply, specify the notification recipients, title, icon, and the call-to-action URL for each notification and start sending your users notifications.‍Benefits of Workflow Powered NotificationsReal-time Updates: These custom notifications ensure all your users receive relevant updates instantly, fostering better communication and collaboration within your team.Brand Alignment:The ability to customize your notification icon, title, subtext, and call-to-action URL allows you to maintain brand consistency throughout your app.User Engagement:By directing users back into your app with every notification, you’re actively enhancing user engagement and experience.

Love this! I only see the ability to add the user from the trigger and/or the user who created the record. Would it be possible to manually choose the users? One by one OR… if we are getting really fancy, based on a filtered user list.


Great question Brandi!

We don’t yet have those options, we likely will add a “Search for records…” action which could help here, but manually being able to choose would also make sense

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