Writing Data into Synced Airtable Collections

I know this is an Airtable API issue and can not be solved by Noloco on its own.

But for the record and perhaps for future talks between Noloco and Airtable:

It would make my life so much easier if I could write data into the synced tables that have two-way editing enabled. This would save me tons of time by not having to build work arounds. It also would make my architecture leaner, as it would obviously be more straight forward than having the additional data routes to achieve that objective.

As you said @Tobias , unfortunately this isn’t possible via the API.

Airtable has never had a very direct line of communication with their partners, so you would be best posting this on their community.

Believe me, we wish this would happen, because the moment it’s available we will be able to re-enable writes to those fields and it will work just like the rest of Airtable <> Noloco

Ok, that’s sad to hear. I hear you…

…and I do not know to whom Airtable listens less.

…I guess I will keep dreaming of a White Christmas instead.