Action button adding material to a project


Wondering how to Navigate to a Project page after user has added a material to that specific project.

Now the workflow navigates the user to all their projects, but when they added the material from a table they choose to which project (and also ability to create new project):


What im trying to do:

Or does anyone have a suggestion on to solve this in another way?


Hi @Landbronx :wave: How are your users adding a material to your project, as you mentioned?

If you’re using an action button, you can add another step to the action that will navigate them to the correct page

If you have any more context that would help give you a better solution, it sounds achievable

Yea thanks for help!

  1. Users press the Action button “Add material” in List A (Materials)
  2. The record opens after they press it add they have to choose project (List B (Projects)) or create a new one so that the material links to the Project.
  3. Then the user is navigated to a list with all materials List C (Calculations) saved/linked to their Projects.

However I want the list they are navigated to to automatically see only materials from the Project they choose when they pressed the Action button.

short loom showing the workflow if that helps to clarify what i am not being able to get to work:

Pinging this thread, does anyone have any suggestions how to implement this? Or guiding me to some instructions etc?



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Thanks for the loom @Landbronx ! That helped a lot.

At the moment we can’t actually use the result of the first action in the second action, which will make what you’re trying to do much harder.

It looks like you want to go to the Project that’s chosen’s page, why wouldn’t you go to the “Kilmatberakning” that has been created?

From there you should be able to see the project, and if you want, filter for other Materials also shown by that project?

Ok so if I send them to the klimatberäkning im able to pre-filter for that project or no?

Ill give it a try.

The reason for sending them to projects is because ive added some graphs etc there.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: