Add Comment via Action Button

Would love the ability to add a record comment within the Action Button options (Similar to what’s available within the workflow menu). image


LOVE this one Brandi, thanks for dropping. Would be nice and could serve so many use cases, like creating a “log” of changes or updates being made to something, for external stakeholders to see within a comments element

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This is very interesting! Great suggestion.

It would be great to hear more about how you would intend to use it.

Would it work like a hidden-field value, where the text is “fixed” (including dynamic text of course)

Or would it let the user input the comment text?

Current use case is fixed dynamic text!

Basically once the action button is pressed, it would run whatever the first action is then the next action is leave a comment, creating an audit log of the actions taken.

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I have another use case not exactly the same but similar concept… would love the option to add a comment to the record if a linked record is unlinked/added using the ‘edit linked records’ button. Again, creating an audit trail.

This would be nice, i would consider also for record updates.

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Right now, we’re handling this through a workflow as well. I’ve added a “temp_comment” text field to the record table we want to add the comments to. Now, whenever action buttons are clicked, I tack on an “update record” action to tweak that field in a modal window. Then, I add another action that triggers the workflow, using that value to create a comment. Once the comment is up, the workflow clears the value from the database. It’s a decent workaround, but having this as a built-in feature would be awesome!


That’s a great workaround Lorenzo! Thanks for sharing!