Consistent record button ordering

Feature Request: Consistent record button ordering

Right now, the order of record buttons are not respected across the collection view AND the detailed record view. Here’s an example…

My record buttons are ordered from left to right in this collection view:

Yet when I click into a record to access the detailed view, you’ll notice that the same action buttons are then displayed from right to left.


  • From a UI/UX standpoint, this seems quite counterintuitive. In the first image, I want to highlight the prominence of the “Edit” and “Manage Files” buttons, while leaving the “Delete” button to the right-most position. Yet once I click into the record, that intentional order is reversed such that the “Delete” button is prominent.
  • The problem here is that changing the button positions in one view changes the order in the other. So the solution could be one of two options: have the button positions match your configuration (left to right) at the collection and record level, OR to have the collection view respect its own configuration and to have the record level respect its own configuration.
  • I would naturally expect the order to be consistent across all views. However, I realize some might want the current experience for whatever reason. So the best-of-both-worlds-solution would be to have the collection respect its own button position configuration, and the record level respect its own button position configuration. That way, builders can handle the ordering whichever way they prefer.