Custom Empty State & Disable Attachments for Comments

This request is two-fold.

Part A - Custom Empty State
Just like with collections, I’d love to be able to enter a custom static, dynamic, or image-based empty state for comment elements. Right now it just displays a fixed message.

Part B - Disable Attachment Uploads
A lot of users (including myself) design file management into fields that live, for example, in a Details element, or that are managed through action buttons. That can be really important for particular workflows. Simultaneously, a lot of users (including myself) really benefit from using the in-line comments element. The problem is, those comments allow users to upload attachments and those attachments are then housed as native Noloco data, rather than living in Airtable. That’s problematic for so many reasons (when using an external database like Airtable), so being able to turn off the ability to upload attachments to the comments would be amazing.

Adding some activity here - this is huge. Lots of users are adding files to comments. Ideally, we’d disable this so that they’re forced to use our dedicated fields for file management.

Not only does this affect organization of the data in the UI, but it also means that files users upload to the comments are saved only to Noloco rather than being written back to our AT db.

Hi @buildwithjoel :wave:

We’ve got some good news! :tada:

You can now disable file attachments in the comments sidebar



:sob: This is super valuable and timely!

Client will be so happy. Thank you Noloco team!

I guess part two (in my view) would consist of…

  1. Conditional disabling/enabling of file uploads
  2. Empty state message (already stated in original post)

But this is a huge first step, thanks again!

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