Don't know how to set up this filter

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Please find attached this loom video , unfortunately without sound. Basically, what happens is when I follow this process shown in the video (I select a Client, then a Project, and finally a Subproject. Once I am in the Subproject, I see in the table the entries that belong to that Subproject. When I want to create a new entry, the form opens up, but I would like the Subproject field to be pre-selected with the Subproject I had already chosen (as mentioned in the process). Is this possible? Currently, it only filters to show the Subprojects the user is associated with.

I hope this makes sense and I would appreciate any help you can provide! Thanks :slight_smile:

I cannot add a loom video, do you know why?

If you hit the ‘share’ button in loom, verify that anyone with link can ‘view’ and paste the share link in the post here will work

URL should look like this:

Copy/pasting the ‘embed’ code does not work

Still don’t work, is it possible that my profile is limited to share external links? In the past I was able to do it but not now…

(I checked and anyone with the link can view, I also tried to copy the same as yours but sill not work)

Interesting, it may be an issue with Discourse (the community platform here): Loom Embedded videos not playing/loading (it was working fine before) - bug - Discourse Meta

You may just want to put the link here to the loom view page


It’s hard to know exactly what the problem is without sound, but it looks to me like you need to set the relative filter on the collection component on the record page, to pass the linked field to your form.

This guide shows you how:

@Sebastian - another option is to do the following…

Instead of enabling the “Create New Record” button on the COLLECTION as you have here you could add an ‘Action Button’ section directly above your collection with an action button that does the following:

  1. ‘Create a New Record’
  2. set the new record TYPE (SubProject for example) to your target type
  3. in the ‘Fields’ area you can pre-define the field you would like to be relative to your original record – to do this add the field collection (in your case Project I believe) and set the value to ‘hidden’, THEN, in the hidden field area set it’s value to the dynamic ID of the ‘Project’ the user is currently in.
  4. you can either enable all fields on this form (which will show in a lighbox pop up) or just the key fields and allow them to update on the finished record

you can also select the “show record when complete” option if you want them to go to the sub-project, or you can disable to keep on the current project

Hope that makes sense!

SO: Remove ‘Create New Record’ Button → Add ‘Action Buttons’ section above your sub-project collections → Create an action button that creates new ‘Sub Project’ records and predefine the key items as discussed above!

Good luck!

Thanks @darragh and @seanvosler . I followed the guide link and it worked. I was setting a bad filter :grimacing:

Thanks Again!

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Again me, it’s clear that I am not good setting Filters :grimacing:

let me know if you understand my problem. thanks!!