Lookup of lookup field not working

I’m trying to add a lookup field on my Deal table.

For each deal, it should show that deal’s offers’ statuses.

You can see in my screenshot how I selected the “offer (from deal) collection” which itself is a lookup.

But after the field is added, the lookup source field appears as “2576743” instead of “offer (from deal) collection” and the column is blank.

Do lookups work on source fields that are themselves a lookup?

My use case:

  • My app’s database is multi-layered: each deal can have multiple submissions, each submission can have multiple offers, etc.
  • If I had one flat status field on the deal, it would contain 15+ statuses which is too confusing to keep track of.
  • Right now deals, submissions, and offers have their own status fields containing the statuses unique to them.
  • But this isn’t ideal either, because users have to keep track of 3 levels of statuses in order to know the true stage of a deal.
  • I’d like to make a formula field on my Deal table that would dynamically evaluate to the status of that deal based on the statuses of its submissions and offers.
  • This requires a lookup of the deal’s offers’ statuses.

Another solution could be to prompt the user every time they update the deal status to confirm that this will also change the status of its submissions and offers — and vice versa. In other words, force the objects to stay in sync.

I’m still thinking through the best way to handle this, and I’m open to any suggestions anyone may have!

Hey @fundmore can you DM us the link to this table, it’s unusual that the field isn’t showing correctly in the fields configuration

Based on your description, we should be able to have a lookup for that, it should create a multi-option field, but maybe it’s based on that that the problem is.

Thanks for sharing @fundmore - I’ve passed this over to the Engineers, we will hopefully have a solution soon

Alright thank you Darragh.

Hey @fundmore - if you recreate this lookup we believe it should work correctly for you now.

Thanks for flagging it

I only see it working for one row. Here’s a screenshot of Deals whose offers collection is not empty. Pretty much every offer has a status, so the offer status column here should be full:

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Having a similar issue with this rollup field. Only the first is populating. The rest are not. I sent the link via DM.

Hey @fundmore thanks for the details, we believe we got to the bottom of this actually if you want to check it out.

All of your rollup values are correctly calculated now

Thank you for working on this. Can confirm that the rollups are working great.

But the offer status lookup on my Deal table is still only showing for certain rows, while most rows are blank for some reason. (This is filtered for deals with offers, and most if not all offers have statuses, so the offer status field should be populating for almost every row.)

We didn’t look at that sorry. It’s hard to follow when there’s more than one question.
We’ll see what we can find, thanks

Sure no worries, thanks again.

Hi @fundmore - if you recreate your lookup once more, we think it will continue to work correctly again

There was a few moving parts here, so apologies for the few misfires

Hi @darragh thank you for working so hard on this. I really do appreciate it. I’m still seeing mostly blank values — unless I’m doing something wrong?

Could you confirm that you recreated the lookup field?

If yes, it could be related to it being a single-option field.

The fix I mentioned earlier wasn’t specific to your app necessarily, I thought it was possibly the same issue

Yes I deleted the existing field, reloaded, and recreated it.

It is a single-option field. But for some rows Noloco is able to aggregate it into a multi-select field.

Are lookups of a related collection’s single-option fields supported?

They are supported (or should be) so it must be something else happening here

I’ll report back with what we find - thanks

Ok perfect thank you!

Hi, I don’t mean to pile on many requests. I just want to flag another issue and this thread is most relevant because it has to do with lookups of lookups. No pressure to address them all at once.

My Deal table has a field called Closers which is a link to many Users
My Submission table has a lookup field to its Deal’s Closers field (this is working fine)
My Offer table has a lookup field to its Submission’s Closers field (which is itself a lookup)

This last inheritance doesn’t seem to be working. Are lookups of lookups supported?

Here’s a specific example if you’d like to check it out:

  • Deal ID: 4048
  • Submission ID: 11693
  • Offer ID: 1565

The Deal’s Closers field links to Jeffrey, the Submission’s Closers field inherits that, but the Offer’s Closers field is blank.

Any help is much appreciated.

Are lookups of lookups supported?

They should be - but there could be a complication of course.
Can you send a link to one of the tables?

Did you recreate the lookup after all of these issues were corrected?

Sure, here are the tables I mentioned:

No, I haven’t recreated the lookup because it would break a long chain of lookups and require a lot of time.

(It’s not just the Closers field that has many nested lookups — I have about 7-12 more fields across 8 tables.)

If necessary, I can recreate them all, but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t another solution first.