New in-line form element

Feature Request: new in-line form element.

  • Summary: I would love to see a new “Forms” element that can be added in-line to a detailed record view.
  • Context: Many times I want to capture data in a form that will write to another table (table B), from inside of a detailed record view that is based in a different table (table A).

Workaround 1

The easy solution here is to use a collection within the detailed record from table A, and turn on the “Add new” button. Then you can create new records/form submissions to table B. Easy.

However, that works well if I’m happy with other data from that collection displaying. But if I don’t want other data showing, I’d need to hide the collection (except for the button) by filtering it to an invalid parameter, which just leaves a bunch of blank space and it doesn’t look or feel seamless.

Workaround 2

Another way to accomplish this would be a detail element displaying different fields, with an action button that appends that data into table B, as if a form submission were made. But that’s too bootstrapped and has some cons.

The Solution

Lastly, a new in-line forms element is the best solution here. I imagine this element would include the following configuration options…

  1. First, you select the collection the form relates to.
  2. Second, you can select any existing form view related to that collection (or you can create a new one).
  3. Form fields can have their “Default Value” or “Hidden Value” set to any field from the record that the form element lives in, provided that field is of the same data type.