Preview and edit mobile PWA in builder

This is probably a hefty request. But tools like Glide allow you to click a button that immediately changes your view to the mobile view.

Ideally, we’d be able to edit the app in this view. I’ll keep that as part of the request. But for now, as a starting point, at least being able to preview the app from within the builder would be so helpful.

That way we can review in real-time what it will look like, as mobile PWAs currently compress/reformat your elements a lot to fit everything on the page and it’d be nice to sneak peak that without having to publish and reload it on mobile.

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I like this idea as it’d save having to exit build mode to preview, but just a tip for now you can use the developer console on your browser (F12) to preview mobile without having to publish your changes / view it on an actual mobile device.


Thank you so much! That is a super helpful tip!

This is definitely something we’re thinking about, and figuring out how to do.
In fact we included it in early mockups of our new build-mode.

It’s not super simple, and without more mobile controls (something we plan to add too) it’s not super useful.

A small note on this, to expand on what @EthosLuke has added.
You don’t need to publish it to pickup the changes on mobile so long as you’re logged in as your builder account.
You won’t be able to build on mobile, but you will see the draft/unpublished app (without needing to publish)


Thanks for the extra context Darragh!