PWA coming soon?

Any chance of a PWA release for moloch? Need to get better use on tablets and mobile phones.


Cant figure out why the documentation tells you how to set up a PWA but their are no PWA settings i can find!

Hi @rjp :wave: We’re working hard to deliver PWA, thanks for your interest in it.

We do expect to enable it soon on all plans


@darragh I’m sure this is a significant undertaking but we definitely could use a mobile overhaul. About 75% of my users are on mobile only and are often sharing frustrations.

Hey @onlymatt if you have any specific feedback about mobile we would love to hear it - it makes it much easier to action that way.

PWA as a feature won’t strictly change the mobile experience too much

Let me first start off by telling you that you all are building an incredible Product.

I would love to see the following in a PWA.

  1. Ability to install on the web so we have an icon and installer script.
  2. Native push notifications.
  3. Badge alert count
  4. Scale mobile Tablet and laptop/desktop
  5. ability to open another window as a second screen.
  6. Control native PWA menu bar header color
  7. Mic Control
  8. Camera control
  9. and big ask offline sync would be AMAZING!


I can second almost all of @rjp suggestions for my use case as well, 2,4 and 9 would be incredible.

I can compile suggestions but the biggest consistent issue I’m hearing on mobile is with the forms. Submission takes a long time (regardless of phone or carrier) and can be unreliable at times (perhaps internet connectivity during upload?). If your phone screen goes to sleep or even dims while filling a form it seems to harm the process so we have to start over. Submissions take some time to populate after submission so the users aren’t sure if it was successful. I’ve told my team to reload the page to check but sometimes that isn’t enough so duplicates are commonplace because they submit again.