Problem with Map Marker Coloring/Grouping

Hey all,

I’ve been building multiple Map pages using Tabs and grouping the marker colors by a Single Select Field in Airtable. Everything was working smoothly when I had less than 10 options in the Single Select Field, but since there’s more than 10 now, all the markers are showing up as White instead of the color it’s associated with in Airtable. Is this because there’s more colors in my Single Select Field than are supported on Noloco?

It even shows up white, when I’m only showing one of the selections (Pre-filtered) on other pages.

It does show the right color when I hover over it though.

Sounds like a change/bug - would you be able to send us the link to that page @dianakirby ?

Hi @dianakirby - thanks for flagging this.

The Engineering team were able to get this fixed earlier today

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Amazing, thank you!!!

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